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Speed Darlington lament over high cost of living in Lagos

As per the Instagram sensation, the typical cost for basic items is excessively high

-popular rapper speed Darlington lamented th the high cost of living in Lagos and probably thinking of relocating to another city more affordable

Darlington is one VIP who is never embarrassed to tell individuals how he feels about specific things. He regularly does this paying little heed to what individuals may state.

Couple of months after he took to his social media to gloat about a neck chain he purchased in Lagos worth N2m, the web sensation has turned out to grumble about typical cost for basic items in the nation.

The rapper who broadened his stay in Nigeria following his performance at Zlatan’s music appear, is by all accounts having cash issues.

In an ongoing post to his Instagram he talked about not bringing in enough cash to remain in Lagos. He proceeded to consider moving to more affordable urban areas like Benin or Calabar where the entirety of N2m will go far for him, as he plans to some time or another settle down.

In his words: “Sincerely I don’t have the foggiest idea what I’m doing in Lagos possibly I should live in Benin City or Calabar where life is a lot less expensive and I can find a workable pace inside 10 hours of driving. With 2 million naira in Calabar I can have a pleasant spot with a servant.

A month and a half in Lagos I just landed two positions that is not a great deal. I don’t have plans of getting hitched at the present time however I need a kid, outside Lagos, is my most solid option.”

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