Nollywood films promotes money ritual and kidnapping – Fashola – Obalanre

Nollywood films promotes money ritual and kidnapping – Fashola

Minister of Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola has said that most motion pictures produced by the Nigerian motion picture industry supports cash custom and hijacking.

The previous Governor of Lagos State who unveiled this while talking on the point ‘Uncertainty: Taking activities against sorted out wrongdoing’ at the fourth yearly open talk/symposium composed by the United Action for Change asked producers to change the account to spare honest lives.

Fashola included that the cases of a human parts being transformed into cash is a legend and shouldn’t be strengthened in films.

He said;

“A few people accept that on the off chance that you get a man’s head or a lady’s body parts, they could be transformed into cash. It’s not valid! What’s more, when you ask individuals who have faith in it on the off chance that they have witnessed it previously, they disclose to you somebody said they had seen it.

“Be that as it may, it has become a strengthened conviction through diversion, online life and Nollywood. In what manner would human be able to head bring cash? Cash is paper created by man, not God. They put the paper in a machine to print what we call cash and that is the main spot cash originates from.

“Be that as it may, the test is the conviction framework. Simply consider what number of individuals have been missing – through seizing – in light of the fact that a few people accept that it exists. The police could reveal to us the quantity of individuals they have secured with human parts, for example, skulls. This conviction framework must go.

“Along these lines, we all, including the individuals who make the movies, must turn around the story and begin selling another story that cash is imprinted in a machine and not through some other way like cash customs.”

Fashola additionally expressed that cases of ladies’ undies being utilized for cash customs is fraudulent as there is no association among paper and cotton.

He included;

“It isn’t valid, or how does that occur? What is the association between paper (cash) and cotton (pants) or has anyone seen cotton cash previously? Those of us who have impact and authority must take positions to see to the inversion of this sort of convictions.”

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